Tagant’s landscape is very similar to Adrar: it is also besieged of a vast desert sands (erg Aouker), it presents high cliffs, vast valley with oases (El Barkat, N’Beïka, Rachid …). At Erg Aouker, you will come across the superb ancient city of Tichitt.
Tichitt is the most isolated of the four ancient towns and of all of Mauritania: the easiest road is from Tidjikja, the capital of Tagant, over a distance of 260 km; it is accessible through a sandy and rocky passage. The city developed with the trans-Saharan trade between Ouadane and Oualata; it hosted scientists who carried out research in all fields; the thousands of ancient manuscripts and the libraries found there today bear witness to this richness.
Even if there are less touristic facilities compared to Adrar (less auberges, which requires camping in some places) , there are many jewels to visit in Tagant. If you have enough time during your stay in Mauritania, we highly recommend you to include this region in your travel bucket list!
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