Adrar Region

Adrar means “Mountains” in Amazigh, berber language. Very likely because the whole regions is plenty of Mountains, which contirbutes to the beauty of this Region, one of the gems of Mauritania. Adrar is one of the most touristic regions in the country. It shows the great desert in all its variety: the ancient Saharan towns of Chinguetti and Ouadâne, mighty sand dunes that look sculpted by an artist, vast rocky plateaus and mellow oases fringed with date palms. We have selected below few touristic places ( among many others!) in Adrar to give you an overview of places that could be visited if you are coming to Adrar. For any additional information regarding Adrar, please contact our team at


Founded In The 13th Century as the Center of several Trans-Saharan Trade Routes, Chinguetti continues to attract a handful of visitors who admire its spare architecture, scenery, and ancient libraries. Chinguetti is known as the 7th Holiest City of Islam. The City is a UNESCO World Heritage Patrimony since 1996.



Founded on the 11th Century, Ouadane was a staging post in the Trans-Saharan Trade and for Caravans transporting slabs of salt from the Mines at Idjil. The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage, though In Ruins, is still substantially intact, while a small Modern Settlement lies outside its gate. It has one of the most fascinating ruins!



Atar is the capital of the Adrar Region and the main settlement on the Adrar Plateau. Situated on the Oued Seguellil, It is home to An Airport, a Museum and a Historic Mosque, constructed In 1674

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Terjit Oasis

Terjit Oasis is a popular touristic place in Mauritania, known for its beauty and charm. For hundreds of years, It had been a place of rest and shelter for caravans and insanely brave wayfarers who decided to travel through the vast Sahara Desert.


Mhaireth Oasis

Mhaireth Oasis is one of the bigget Oasis and Palm Grove of Adrar Region. It is also one of the most beautiful place to visit in the Region.


Guelta of Amazmaz

Amazmaz is an isolated elevation with steep slopes in the Western part of the Adrar. At the foot of the Hill, there is the Guelta Of Amazmaz, a chain of Ponds, hidden among Rocks and surrounded by rushes, but used for thousands of years, as evidenced by the Rock Paintings on the Slopes Bordering the waters.


Erg Amatlich

“ A Wall Of Sand”, Erg Amatlich is a Dune Field Of Average 13 Km Wide And 400 Km Long. In addition to the Majestic Endless Sand Dunes, you will experience a very beautiful and vast environment of a wide Variety of Saharan Landscapes: Green Palm Groves, Canyons And Cliffs.


Ben Amera

Ben Amera is Africa’s Largest Monolith Rising 633m (2027ft) above The Desert Floor. It’s The World’s Second Largest Monolith Only Behind Uluru, In Australia. An amazing place for an overnight camping!


Guelb Er Richat

The Richat Structure, also called the Eye Of Africa, is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara’s Adrar Plateau, near Ouadane. It is an eroded Dome, 40 Kilometres (25 Mi) in Diameter, exposing sedimentary rock in Layers which appear as concentric rings. It is an astonishing remote desert location to visit.

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