Ancient Cities

There are several ancient cities in Mauritania, most of them recognized UNESCO world heritage Patrimony. We definitely recommend visiting at least one of them if you happen to visit Mauritania. It is a unique experience that will take you back in time to discover further about the history of this region.


Chinguetti is located in the Adrar Region and founded in the 13th Century as the Center of Several Trans-Saharan Trade Routes, Chinguetti continues to attract a handful of visitors who admire its spare architecture, scenery, and Ancient Libraries. Chinguetti is known as the 7th Holiest City of Islam. The City is a UNESCO World Heritage Patrimony since 1996.



Oualata is an incredicle city with an authentic charm. It is located in the southeast Mauritania. Oualata was important as a Caravan City in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Patrimony. Oualata is home to a manuscript museum, and is known for its highly decorative vernacular architecture.



Ouadane is located on the Southern Edge of the Adrar, 93 Km Northeast of Chinguetti. Founded on the 11th Century, the town was a staging post in the Trans-Saharan Trade and for caravans transporting slabs of Salt from the Mines At Idjil. The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage, though in Ruins, is still substantially intact, while a small Modern Settlement Lies Outside its gate. It has one of the most fascinating ruins!



Tichitt is a partly abandoned village at the foot of the Tagant Plateau in Central Southern Mauritania. The City Is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, well known for its Historic buildings, stone alleys and manuscripts, was a citadel of trade where Saharan Merchants bearing Gold, Salt and cloth would stop to water their camels and haggle. By selecting this City in your Itinerary, you contribute to the survival of this Mauritanian Jewel of Islamic Culture, which sees itself forgotten.



Azougui is a town located in the Adrar Plateau, North West of Atar. In The Eleventh Century It was a base for the almoravid dynasty, who conquered a territory stretching from the Ghana Empire to Morocco and the Iberian peninsula. Parts of the Citadel and the Necropolis of Al-Imam Al-Hadrami survive. This Site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on June 14, 2001 in the Cultural Category.

koumbi saleh

Koumbi Saleh

Koumbi Saleh is the Site of A ruined medieval town in South East Mauritania that may have been the capital of the Ghana Empire.

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