Destinations covered :

Nouakchott, Nema, Oualata, Tichitt, Rachid, Mhairett Oasis, Chinguetti, Ouadane, Azougui, Atar
Day 1


You will be welcomed at the airport by our staff, who will immediately transport you to your hotel in Nouakchott.

Day 2

Nouakchott - Kamor

6 hrs; 420 KM and Kamor ⇒ Nema 6 hrs; 550 KM

  • After breakfast, departure to Kamor, in the Region of Assaba.
  • Lunch in Aleg, capital of Brakna, and well known for its michoui, being the best one in Mauritania (roasted lamb).
  • Dinner and overnight in the Tent at Kamor
Day 3

Nouakchott - Kamor

6 hrs; 420 KM

  • After breakfast departure to Nema, capital of the Hodh Ech Chargui Region
  • Day Trip
  • Dinner and overnight in the Hotel at Nema
Day 4

Oualata- Galb Ejmel

220 KM , 3 hrs

  • Breakfast
  • Departure to Oualata, a UNESCO World’s Heritage Site and reputed to be one of the most beautiful town in Mauritania. The city is also famous for the geometric designs that grace the doorways of the stone homes which are handpainted every 1-2 years by the female occupants  
  • Lunch
  • Visit of the Medina and a Family Library in Oualata
  • Departure to Guelb Ejmel, few kilometer from Oualata. Camping.
Day 5


180km, 5hrs

  • Breakfast & departure to Tagouaret, where salt is still mined today. We may coincide with nomads at the wells of Zough and Oujaf as they bring their animals to water
  • Free day
  • Dinner and overnight in the Tent
Day 6

Tinigane- Es sba- Makhrouga

130 KM, 4hrs

  • Breakfast & departure to Es Sba to watch this splendid rock, up to 5 meters high and having the form of “fingers”. This rock is located nearby the water well of Aratane, built by the Almoravids and frequented by shepherds
  • Picnic and continuation to Makhrouga, , a fascinating site, known as ‘the elephant rock’
  • Dinner and overnight in the tent
Day 7

Aghrijit- Tichitt

210 KM, 5hrs

  • Breakfast
  • We shall start our day trip in Aghrijit, one of the most important archaeological site in the region. It used to be a village that sheltered the population three to four millennia ago.
  • Lunch and departure to Tichitt, a UNESCO world heritage site, known as jewel of Islamic culture, a former citadel of trade where Saharan merchants bearing gold, salt and cloth would stop.
  • Dinner and overnight in the tent
Day 8

Tichitt- Lekcheb

140 KM, 5hrs

  • Visit of the medina of Tichitt & a private library with manuscripts of an incredible value.
  • Lunch and continuation to Lekcheb, a small village located nearby water wells.
  • Dinner and overnight in the tent
Day 9

Lekcheb- Rachid Oasis

170 KM, 5hrs

  • Breakfast and departure to Rachid, built in 1723 by the Kounta, known for its beautiful palm tree & Oasis
  • Free day
  • Dinner and overnight in the tent
Day 10

Mhairett Oasis- Chinguetti

350 KM, 6hrs

  • Breakfast
  • We shall start our day trip with Mhairett Oasis, one of the most beautiful Oasis and Palm Grove of Adrar. On the road to Mhairett, we will have the opportunity to admire the extraordinary landscape of sandstone rocks
  • Lunch
  •  Continuation to Chinguettithe seventh holiest city of Islam, considered as World Heritage by UNESCO.  
  • Dinner and overnight in the Auberge, l’Eden de Chinguetti.
Day 11

Chinguetti- Tanouchert Oasis- Ouadane

140 KM, 5hrs

  • Breakfast  
  • Visit of the Mosque, the Medina (old City) of Chinguetti and a private library, nearly unchanged since the medieval period
  • Departure to Tanouchert Oasis, a charming Oasis halfway from Ouadane & Chinguetti, well known for its beautiful desert scenery & Palm Trees.
  • We will enjoy a Madah celebration (traditional Islamic black Moorish music) while having Lunch
  • We shall continue our day trip to the World Heritage Site of Ouadane, known as one the “ancient cities” of Mauritania. It was also a staging post in the trans-Saharan trade and for caravans transporting slabs of salt from the mines at Idjil.
  • Dinner and overnight at l’Auberge Vasque, Chez Zaida.
Day 12

Ouadane- Azougui

240 KM, 4hrs

  • Breakfast
  • Visit of the Medina ( Ancient City) and the Mosque of Ouadane
  • Lunch
  • Departure to Azougui, part of the Unesco World Heritage Tentative List and the old Almoravid capital in the 11th and 12th centuries
  • Dinner and overnight in the Tent.
Day 13

Atar – Nouakchott

460 KM, 5hrs

  • Breakfast and Visit of Azougui Citadel & the necropolis of Imam Al Hadrami, an 11th century North African Islamic theologian and jurist who played a decisive role in the Almoravid siege of Azougui. 
  • Depature to Atar, the capital of the Adrar Region. Visit of  the market, Medina & Touezekt Museum
  • Lunch and continuation to Nouakchott
  • Diner and overnight in the Hotel
Day 14

Hotel- Airport

25 KM, 15 Minutes

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to the Airport

Rates per person

Number of pax Rate
1 participant 3000 €
From 2 to 5 participants 2100€
From 5 to 8 participants 1900€
From 8 to 12 participants 1750 €
From 12 participants 1600€


  • Transfers airport / hotel / airport.
  • Transportation ( 4×4 car with air conditioning and experienced multilingual speaking driver guide)
  • Accommodation
  • Excursions and visits listed in the itinerary.
  • Musical event (Madah celebration)
  • Meals as mentioned in the Tour (Vegetarian meals can also be served, to be requested in advance).


  • The plane ticket.
  • Visa entry in Mauritania.
  • Any extra drinks/meal.
  • Insurance
  • Tips.


  • Reduction for children < 12 years sharing a room with 2 adults.
  • Private tour. In case of private group travel must be informed in advance.
  • The order of the itinerary can vary depending on schedule of visits.
  • Programs can be modified according to customer preferences or days available for the holidays.
  • Departures will always be early in the morning to take advantage of sunlight.
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